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Faculty of Mathematics, Computing and Technology
Open University, Walton Hall
MK7 6AA, Milton Keynes
United Kingdom

Aleksandra Pawlik - PhD student in Computing

Research interests

I am a full-time PhD student in Computing at the Open University in the United Kingdom.
My research focuses on scientific software development undertaken by scientists from a variety of disciplines such as physics, chemistry, material sciences and so on. In particular, I am interested in those scientists who were initially only typically writing small scale software for their own purposes and have now moved to developing scientific software addressed at a wider group of users. I want to know how this “transition” from programming for oneself to programming for others influenced scientists’ approach to software development.
Why did they decide to move from being an end-user developer to developing for others?
How did their software development practices change?
What new knowledge did they have to acquire?
What problems did they experience?
How did their career change?

I believe that answers to these questions may be useful for both future academic research and also more practical purposes, for example, for scientists who want to commercialize their software package or for software engineers who wish to help scientists to improve their scientific software so that it becomes a reusable tool for a wider scientific community.

My work is a part of the Empirical Studies of Software Development project

My PhD is supervised by:
Dr Judith Segal
Prof Marian Petre
Prof Helen Sharp


*   MSc(Res) in Sociology, 2009 - University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom
*   MSc in Social Communication, 2007 - Jagiellonian University, Poland
*   BSc in Computer Science, 2005 - Jagiellonian University, Poland
*   BSc in Social Communication, 2005 - Jagiellonian University, Poland