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I'm a Senior Lecturer (Staff Tutor) in the School of Mathematics and Statistics at The Open University in the UK.

My specialism is algebraic topology, and I have a growing interest in applied algebraic topology.

At present I am the School's Deputy Director of Teaching, having been its Programme Director 2014--2016.

Staff Tutors at The Open University are geographically dispersed throughout the UK. I happen to be based in Manchester.

Outside The Open University I climb.

Last edit: June 2017.

Contact me

              Mail         Dr G.R. Williams
                           School of Mathematics and Statistics
                           The Open University
                           Walton Hall
                           Milton Keynes
                           MK7 6AA

              Phone        68161 (internal extension)
                           +44 (0)161 9566861 (number from an external line)

              Fax          01908 332817 / 655515 / 654355 (School fax numbers)

              Email        G.R.Williams /at/

The Open University

The Open University (the OU) is a distance learning university based in the UK. It aims to be open to all students. Its open access policy means that prior academic qualification is not a requirement for entry.

The OU has its main campus in Milton Keynes. In general students do not attend campus to study with the OU: our model of supported distance learning provides high quality course materials (print and electronic, taking advantage of the latest technological advances) along with a personal tutor (Associate Lecturer).

The Open University's first intake of students was in the early 1970s, long before the convenience of the internet!

Read more about the OU on Wikipedia.

The School of Mathematics and Statistics at the OU is a community of around 50 academics, many of whom are based at the OU's main campus in Milton Keynes. Others are dispersed around the UK.

We have a mathematics seminar series at The Open University: