My research interests broadly lie in the study of combinatorial and relational structures, in a blend of structural, extremal and enumerative combinatorics. My background is in the study of permutation containment and avoidance, where enumeration is the main game. However, the structural study of permutations can often be translated to other combinatorial objects, most notably graphs, where the consequences can be wide-ranging. Currently, I am especially investigating the question of well-quasi-ordering in combinatorial objects and the corresponding construction of infinite antichains, but I also have ongoing projects in permutation enumeration, and structural graph theory.

I submitted my PhD Thesis, entitled "Simplicity in Relational Structures and its Application to Permutation Classes", in July 2007, and successfully defended it in October 2007. My external examiner was Einar Steingrímsson (Strathclyde University), my internal Steve Linton. My PhD was written whilst in the School of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of St Andrews, was supervised by Prof Nikola Ruškuc, and was funded by EPSRC.

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