I work at the Open University, which is a world-leading institution in correspondence tuition (i.e. distance learning). As such, my duties include many different activities. There are three basic types of activity:


The hands-on teaching and marking of assignments is carried out by Associate Lecturers (frequently "ALs", meaning "tutors"). Each tutor is assigned a small group of students, and contact varies from module to module. I am an Associate Lecturer for two modules in the MSc in Mathematics programme:


The high-level day-to-day adminstration of modules currently "in presentation" is carried out mostly by Central and Regional Academics. This can include (but is not limited to) setting assignment and examination questions, and attending award boards. I am currently on the presentation team for two modules:


Instead of attending a lecture course, we send students printed (or published online) material for them to read. The quality of this material necessarily needs to be exceptional, and so the production of new modules (or revision of existing module materials) is a lengthy process.