I have consulted for a number of companies and organizations, including:

Microsoft Research Labs, Cambridge, UK

HP, Barcelona, Spain, Interaction design

UK DfES Cybrarian Project, universal accessibility for all

Lewes College, Brighton, developing web-based learning material for teaching ecology to 6th formers

Ericcson Telecommunications, Eire, developing computer interfaces

Apple Computer (Cupertino, USA), working on the design of future technologies for the publishing and multimedia industries

CNRS, France, collaborating on a multidisciplinary project at an European Laboratory (based in Lyon, France and Tubingen, Germany) on computer supported collaborative learning

Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), developing a HCI Guide called 'Usability Now!’ which was widely distributed among industries in the UK

National Physical Laboratory, UK, evaluating intelligent adaptive interfaces

Philips Research Laboratories, collaborating on a joint research project with the Artificial Intelligence Research Group, on The Nature of Explanations in Relation to the Development of Intelligent Systems for Non-Experts