Current research projects

CHANGE - Exploring the feasibility of using ubiquitous technologies to engender change in people's everyday habits

OTIH: Out there and in here - Exploring how new technologies can support distributed, synchronous collaborations between students in the field and others based in a stationary location

ShareIT - a theoretical and empirical investigation of co-located collaboration for shareable interfaces

PRIMMA - An investigation into privacy issues surrounding location-based services, mobile devices, tracking and monitoring devices.

- A multi-modal real-time feedback system for augmenting learning to play musical inatruments

Past projects

The Question - An immersive theatre project that explores haptic technology in relation to navigation, perception and knowledge

E-sense - Investigating the extended mind theory through designing novel technologies

- designing mobile learning technologies for supporting indoors and outdoors collaborative learning

Ubiquitous Computing Grand Challenge - Shaping an International Grand Challenge Community on Ubiquitous Computing

Co-space - enhancing collaboration and interaction with digital information and
physical artifacts

Dynamo - promoting access to and sharing of information in public spaces across heterogeneous display devices

Equator - exploring the relationship between the physical and the digital

Espace - designing novel interactional workspaces

In-Touch - developing new forms of connectivity and broadband services for social groups, e.g. networks of friends, family and others

E-science - exploring how we can help people understand complex dynamic systems, from an Antarctic lake to a polluted city

COTCOS - theories and methodolgies for analysing cooperative technologies

PUPPET - a virtual theatre for children to be creative and reflective

ECOi - multimedia learning environment for teaching ecology