I have been developing and teaching a variety of courses in computer science, HCI and cognitive science since the late '80s. Recent courses include:

Courses taught at Indiana University (2003-2006)

- Pervasive Computing: Ubicomp and HCI

- Concepts and contemporary Issues in HCI: sample HCI theory work

- Introduction to HCI

- Introduction to Informatics: short course on "Nouvelle HCI"

Courses taught at COGS, Sussex University (2000-2003)

- HCI (G5009) - Second year undergraduate course

- HCI (803 G5) - Masters course

Current doctoral candidates I am co-supervisor/advisor for:

Stefan Kretimeyer (Ph.D., Open University, 2010-)

Rose Johnson (Ph.D., Open University, 2009-)

Nadia Pantidi (Ph.D., Open University, 2008-)

Ricky Morris (Ph.D., Open University, 2007-)

Anijo Mathew (P/T Ph.D., Open University, 2007-)

Richie Hazlewood (Doctoral program, Informatics, Indiana University, 2005-)

Tammy Toscos (Doctoral program, Informatics, Indiana University, 2005-)

My Dphil/Phd students who have graduated:

Rowanne Fleck (DPhil, Sussex University, 2002-2008) Learning and public awareness of science

Paul Marshall (DPhil, Sussex University, 2002-2007) Learning and tangibles.

Harry Brignull (DPhil, Sussex University, 2001-2005) Understanding and Designing for the Voluntary Adoption of Community Displays.

Liz Guy (Ph.D., Brighton University, 1997-2005) Ethnographic studies of changing organizations.

Sam Woolf (DPhil, Sussex University, 2001-2005) Expanded Media: Interactive and Generative Processes in New Media Art.

Anna Lloyd (DPhil, Sussex University, 1999-2004) A Metacognitively-Oriented Guide for Novice Web Searchers in Educational Settings.

Nuno Otero (DPhil, Sussex University, 1997-2003) Learning with Interactivity and external representations.

Miguel Garcia (DPhil, Sussex University, 1998-2003) A tutoring system using Virtual Reality for teaching inorganic chemistry.

Ann Light (DPhil, Sussex University,1997-2001) The transition to Interactivity: Publishing, broadcasting and multimedia.

John Halloran (DPhil, Sussex University, 1997-2000) The Activity Space: Analyzing Intentionality in Open Cooperative Work.

Jabe Wilson (PhD, London Institute, p/t 1995-2000) Developing Support for Artist Software Designers.

Eevi Beck (DPhil, Sussex University, 1990-1994) Practices of Collaboration in Writing and Their Support.

Geoff Cooper (Ph.D., Open University, 1988-1991) Representing the User: a Sociological study of the Discourse of Human-Computer Interaction.

Visiting European PhD researchers who came to Sussex as part of the COTCOS network (1996-2000):
Morten Nielsen (Denmark)
Marco Palmonari (Italy)
Phillipe Geslin (France)
Gabriella Spinelli (Italy)
Raquel Navarro (Spain)
Silvia Gabrielli (Italy)