Aperiodic tilings – a meeting and mathematical art exhibition in honour of Uwe Grimm

In June 2022 with Charlotte Webb and Reem Yassawi I organised the three-day event Aperiodic tilings, which brought together mathematicians, engineers, scientists, and artists to share research and communicate artwork in the subject of aperiodic tilings.

The Aperiodic tilings online exhibition displays artwork from the event.


Navigating by numbers outreach programme

Welcome to the home of the Navigating by numbers outreach programme! The purpose of the programme is to communicate an attractive network of geometric and numeric ideas centred around the Farey graph. This involves Coxeter's frieze patterns, SL2-tilings, continued fractions, dessins d'enfants, hyperbolic geometry, and a host of other mathematical topics.

Farey graph
The Farey graph

There are workshops suitable for ages 10 and upwards, online and face-to-face. Please get in touch if you are interested (email address on the home tab).

The sample video below is an interactive workshop for Math Week Scotland in October 2020.

Past events